From Tech Tutor to Data Analyst: How Swati Oberoi Dham Landed a New Career

Before enrolling in University of Denver Data Analytics Boot Camp, Swati Oberoi Dham had quite the career. 

Originally from Gurgaon, India, she worked as an assistant systems engineer for an IT company, providing production support to automate processes and improve efficiency. Eventually, she transitioned into higher education, teaching at the Ansal Institute of Technology and the New Delhi Institute of Management. When she moved to Colorado in 2019, she began working as a freelance online educator, tutoring students in subjects like Python programming and machine learning. 

Despite her extensive background in software and higher education, Swati found it difficult to secure a full-time job in the United States. As she began researching different options, she came across software acronyms that didn’t make sense to her and knew she needed to catch up on the latest technologies. With that, she enrolled in University of Denver Data Analytics Boot Camp — and hasn’t looked back since. 

Virtually collaborating with classmates

Since she had tutored students virtually in her last role, Swati was comfortable with online learning and enjoyed the hands-on experience and opportunity to strengthen her knowledge. The boot camp’s course material was challenging, and Swati spent upwards of 10 hours each week online. “I’m very fond of studying,” Swati shared. “I know you don’t hear many people say that, but I love studying, reading, and learning new software.”

While sharpening her skill set, Swati was also able to collaborate with her classmates from day one. From working on group projects, to lending a hand when a classmate was confused, Swati enjoyed the supportive environment the boot camp provided. Since her classmates came from different educational and professional backgrounds, Swati says that each student brought their own personal strengths and perspectives to every project. 

“You have people coming from all educational backgrounds, so it’s pretty diverse,” she said. “You’ll definitely find someone who you enjoy working with, and learn something new in the process.” 

For one group project, Swati and her team pulled data from Netflix and IMDb to see what people were watching during the early stages of the pandemic. They analyzed how viewing trends had changed since pre-pandemic times, and identified which shows were continually popping up on people’s screens. 

“Yes, people watch a lot of Netflix,” Swati said. “But it was interesting because Netflix also started producing more content than ever during the pandemic. It was a fun analysis.” 

Finding balance 

As the boot camp progressed, Swati continued tutoring, which was sometimes difficult. However, she employed good time management and made decisions to prioritize her family and her studies. 

“I couldn’t pick up some opportunities because they clashed with my boot camp class time,” Swati said. “And other times, I knew I had to finish an assignment and couldn’t take a student on.” Still, Swati knew that despite having a lot on her plate, she would use the information she learned in the boot camp to help her students excel and grow in their own careers. 

Beyond strengthening her technical skills in the boot camp, Swati was also able to better understand the data analytics working environment and the tech industry as a whole. 

With newfound confidence and a resume that she’d polished with help from Career Services, Swati started applying for a full-time job toward the end of the program. Before long, she had three offers to choose from. 

“I spoke with my Career Counselor, who helped me immensely during the decision-making process,” Swati said. “I’m not from this country, and I didn’t understand the benefits or total offer packages. Having someone there to walk me through everything was really helpful.” 

After carefully weighing her options, Swati accepted a job offer from Colorado College as a business systems and data analyst — the perfect opportunity to fuse her passions for technology and higher education.

Coming full circle

Today, Swati works in an environment where she can put her newly sharpened tech skills to good use, surrounded by colleagues who share her passion for higher education and commitment to lifelong learning. 

“I get to do the kind of work I enjoy doing,” Swati said. “In the end, the busy days and long nights were all worth it.” 

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Disclaimer: Since Swati was interviewed for this blog, she has transitioned into a new role as a Global Analytics Program Manager with Agilent Technologies, where she utilizes her MBA management skills and technical analytics skills to manage global level analytics projects.

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