About Charlie Fish

Charlie Fish University of Denver Boot Camps Instructor BioCharlie is a developer who is enthusiastic about learning every day and pursuing his passion for building amazing products and services. He started coding in 2009 and has since decided to transform his longtime hobby into a career helping students learn and pursue a career in web development.

His favorite part of his role is seeing the growth of students throughout the program. He also enjoys seeing the creativity each student brings to the projects they build during the boot camp.

Charlie is most passionate about the programming languages Javascript and Swift. He has built and deployed over 10 applications to the iOS and Mac OS App Stores. He loves building easy to use services and applications. He hopes to continue helping students navigate this exciting, fast moving industry, while also building innovative new products.

Fun Facts:

  • He is a huge hockey and baseball fan
  • He first flew internationally to Cuba
  • He built his first iPhone application the day the iPhone SDK was released (when he was 10 years old)
  • He enjoys watching movies and considers it his favorite hobby outside of programming
  • He won the Young Americans Bank “Entrepreneur of Year” in 2012