Five Habits You Share With A Data Scientist

Let’s be honest. Many people find becoming a data scientist a challenge. It may seem difficult with how time-consuming it is. Whether you studied programming in college or not, it does not matter—as long as you’re willing to put in the hard work. The things that you naturally find interesting could already make you the ideal person to become a data scientist.

1. Becoming A Data Scientist: You Love Trying New Things

Remember those times when you made up your mind about something before you even tried it? Remember when you eventually tried it and ended up loving it? Everyone makes this mistake at a certain point in their life. Whether you were afraid of the deep end of the pool as a child or a high-intensity activity such as whitewater rafting as an adult, you can see how the new can go from scary to exciting. It’s often worth it. Wouldn’t you regret not working up the courage to at least try?

Maybe your hesitation is a disguise for your excitement, not fear. Perhaps you should free your restrained feelings so that they may turn from excitement into fulfillment. Sure, it may seem like a challenge at first. But eventually, learning statistical languages will feel like a breeze and you will feel fulfilled from mastering something challenging. Take that first step into the field of data science, because getting rewarded is a wonderful trade.

2. Becoming A Data Scientist: You Use Statistics And Graphs Every Day

Data and numbers can’t be for everyone, can they? You may find yourself surprised to learn that you encounter numbers everywhere. Sure, the first things that might come to mind are statistics, graphs, and charts. Much like solving or even creating your own puzzles. But what about if you’re someone who prefers words to numbers?

The truth stands that even if you do not create puzzles for fun, you still have the qualities of a data scientist within you. Whether you think about them or not, you will find numbers and math everywhere you go. Perhaps you used a bar graph to track a pattern in sales or the weather. Maybe you really like video games or sports and track your team or character statistics. Did you check to see how safe your car was before you decided to buy it? You used statistics and graphs without even thinking about it. Naturally living in a world of numbers makes you the perfect choice to become a data scientist.

3. Becoming A Data Scientist: You Already Learn Languages

We often take for granted the fact that we have the ability to read and write. But it didn’t start out that way. At first, we couldn’t read anything. Then, a parent or a teacher taught us a simple word. Then another. And eventually, we put these words together into a proper sentence structure. We may have also learned musical language. Learning notes to the point of playing actual music. Learning statistical programming languages such as Python or R, works in the same way. These languages may look complicated from the outside, but truthfully, you can learn them at your own pace. The more you familiarize yourself with a language, the more you may creatively express yourself with it.

Apps and web pages also open up to you. You can express yourself in coding languages such as JavaScript. As your programming knowledge grows, so can your work. The more languages a data scientist speaks, the more creative they become. All you have to do is think back to that little kid learning how to read, and you will realize that the capacity to learn languages already resides within you.

4. Becoming A Data Scientist: You’re A Born Problem Solver

As a natural in data science, you may often find yourself the one people rely on in a time of crisis. You may be the one supplementing and organizing the emergency supplies on a long trip. Maybe you find yourself the impartial third party when your friends argue. It stands to reason that you belong in the field of data science. Things don’t always go wrong when you become a data scientist, but it helps to have the ability to quickly resolve issues when it does. For these reasons, you find yourself a step ahead of others when deciding to become a data scientist. Your strength makes you able to handle any problem in your way.

It’s impossible for everyone to know everything. Sometimes a programming concept may seem foreign to you. A bit of code you’ve been staring at for hours won’t just solve itself. But you have the strength to become a data scientist, remember? You get past your temporary setback because you can problem solve.

5. Becoming A Data Scientist: You Keep Going In Difficult Times

Sometimes it takes the tenacity to stick with a problem until you can solve it. Programming bugs usually take more than an hour to fix. Solving statistical programming issues takes a tremendous amount of patience. Even when going through a coding boot camp. Often problems can get solved in little time, but when you can’t figure out what went wrong, you must use your patience to keep going until the problem is solved.

In times like this, you must check your ego. Failing once in a while does not mean that you should label yourself as a failure. Only through failure can one learn what they need to do better the next time. The fact that you can fail sometimes and still keep a clear head makes you the perfect person to become a data scientist.


The data science field would be lucky to have you. All of these parts of you, that you perhaps never gave a second thought, could build up an impressive display of what it takes to become a data scientist. You have the courage, the love of statistics and languages, the intelligence, and the tenacity to become a true force to be reckoned with in the field of data science. Follow your natural gifts and start today!


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