About Sarah Cullen

Sarah Cullen University of Denver Boot Camps Instructor BioSarah began teaching at the University of Denver Coding Boot Camp part-time in early 2017, and made the switch over to teaching full time in January 2018. She will be working with the women’s-only boot camp slated to begin in late 2018.

She discovered her interest in web development starting in high school, where she worked to build her school district’s first website. She remained involved in development and design throughout college, despite an academic focus on psychology and theatre/music. After a brief foray into social work post-college, she ventured back “home” to web development.

Her career has included development work in higher education, publishing, news media, financial industry web applications, and health industry consumer information. More recently, Sarah worked as a User Interface Engineer for a small startup called Placeable, where she was responsible for building scalable front-end code for the location-based web applications for various major brands. She has always had a special passion for front-end web development, and app usability. Sarah hopes to inspire and empower more women to pursue careers in development.

Fun Facts:

  • She endeavors to eventually visit each and every hot springs in Colorado
  • She studied improvisational comedy at UCB (Upright Citizens Brigade)
  • She has two giant cats
  • She reads voraciously
  • She has biked (twice!) across her home state of Iowa as a part of the week-long Mardi-Gras-on-wheels, RAGBRAI