About Jay Mascarenas

Jay Mascarenas University of Denver Boot Camps Instructor BioJay started out many moons ago as a web designer for a dinner theatre using Dreamweaver. After years of being a manager and suffering through layoffs, Jay decided to go to college for web development and make it a career.

Jay’s first professional web dev job was as a PHP Full Stack Developer for a small auto parts manufacturer. Jay built CRUD apps for quality control departments and built an Android app to allow the production line employees to scan their badges and order paperwork so they can interface with the main system database. This was a great challenge for him but it is still in use and development today.

Jay graduated from college and moved to Denver, CO, to find new work as a web developer. He landed a job at a large payments processing company working in their marketing and communications department. This is where Jay really learned the business of managing large websites and large digital marketing campaigns. This is also where he learned how to work on a team, and interface with many other departments. This experience was invaluable for his career and taught him so much.

Jay continues to teach and now works as a Senior Web Developer for a mortgage lead company and leads a team of three developers. His experience at Trilogy has helped him teach Jr Developers and help them grow in their careers.

Fun Facts:

  • He played in a punk band in high school
  • He is married with three kids, four dogs, four cats, a bearded dragon, and a chameleon (his house is never quiet)
  • He loves to talk about the physiology of behavior and why people do what they do
  • He loves to cook
  • He lives a minimalist life